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Work this Body

We haven't had an eventful week. After the craziness of last week, I am incredibly happy about that. Oscar was 10 weeks old yesterday. It's unbelievable how fast time is passing. One of the things I tried to focus on this pregnancy and maternity leave, differently than last time, is to make sure that I am focused on being healthy and not so much on weight and body shape. Ten weeks postpartum, I am only eight pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. However, my body is much softer and hips are much wider. I am still having trouble fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes. I decided to pick up my workouts in addition to the stepbet that I am already doing. However, those two things can sometimes be in conflict with each other. My body definitely needs the strength workouts, but I am not able to squeeze in a walk in addition to the workout, so in order to make my steps, I am having to get creative. This week I started a new Nike Training Club plan. NTC is a free app that I use to give me on the go workouts. You can decided the length of time and whether or not you have equipment and you can pick workouts. They also can develop a plan for you. So I picked a 4-week plan to help get me back in cardio and strength shape. It provides me with 3-4 workouts a week and builds in recovery days too. It starts with a benchmark workout that is a series of exercises that have to be completed in order. It times you (picture of the day). I attempted to start one of these plans a month ago and never got past the first workout. But this week I have already done three. My benchmark workout was 2 minutes faster than it was a month ago. So at least my walks have been good for something!

Yesterday my mom came over and, although Oscar was having a rough day and wouldn't sleep and was pretty fussy, we managed to steam clean two rugs downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. We also painted the laundry room! I had a contractor friend install cabinets last week on a mission to make the laundry room more user friendly and cheery. With O going through 3-5 outfits a day and washing diapers every other day, I spend a lot of time in that room and I would really like it to be a pleasant place. The paint and cabinets have made a HUGE difference. I would like to get some art on the walls and possibly put down a new floor and then I'll call it done! By the end of this year, I would like to have at least one room, if not two, that I feel like are decorated to my satisfaction and are considered "done". Hopefully, the laundry room and the master bedroom will be those. Oscar's room is close and so is Sawyer's as well. Another to-do list I've made for myself. I had a shrink once tell me that I was an "over-functioner". She's not wrong. :)


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