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I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes

My friend Janae' is a photographer. She took pictures of Carey and I 18months ago and would have done our maternity photos but for the fact that she was enjoying her own precious newborn right about that time. We wanted to do newborn photos of Sawyer but between her cuddling her newborn and Carey and I prepping for his departure we just didn't get it done in the proper timeline. So last weekend on St. Patty's Day, Sawyer and I finally got together with Janae' and she took some pictures. They turned out great! I wish Carey had been able to participate but he'll just have to join in next time.


If anyone here in Charlotte is looking for a great family and children's photographer, you can find Janae' Britt here:

Ramblin' Man (or Woman as the Case may be)

Here's a little ramble of things we've been up to:

We introduced Sawyer to the bottle around 4 weeks because we'd read that they take it the easiest between 4-6 weeks. Carey gave it to him in a different room while I sat on pins and needles. He took it like a champ with no issues, which then (of course) made me teary because he didn't "need" me to feed him. Until Carey left, he gave Sawyer the first night time bottle so that we were each getting at least one 4-6 hour chunk of sleep. Sawyer hasn't had a bottle since he left. I start back to work in a week and have been pumping like crazy to store up milk so that we have it for his caregivers but I am a bit nervous about attempting another bottle since it's been so long. It's so much easier and helpful for me to nurse him and it's time that I have with him that no one else does. But I definitely don't want him to have issues without me. Anyone want to come give him a bottle?

Once or twice a w…

Letters from Home

2 Weeks Down, 8 To Go!

We got home from a trip to Raleigh to not one, but TWO letters from Carey! I had been writing since left but had never mailed them because I was waiting to get his address. 

He reports that he is doing well but not getting much sleep. Welcome to my world! Although sleeping in a large room with 59 other guys is probably just as hard or harder than sleeping with a 2 month old. 

Most of the guys he is training with are much younger than he is and he says that they sort of see him as an uncle. He was even mistaken as a sergeant by a staff sergeant who thought he was in the wrong place. There are 9 other OCS candidates in his platoon so at least he does have some guys who will have things in common with him. 

He's requested a lot more pictures so I am going to have to be good about taking more pictures of Sawyer and hopefully that will give me more fodder for the blog as well!

I am sure that he would love more letters. If you want to write him, the address is:


We Are Family

My sister moved to Raleigh in July of last year after having been in Idaho for 3 years. We LOVE having her family closer. Sawyer will be able to grow up near his cousins and we can get support from each other. They came to visit a few weeks ago and I took some pictures of the boys holding Sawyer. They were both very good with him. Seth pats his head every time he goes by and always wants to read him stories. Rory wants to always give him a pacifier and have him play. We continue to tell him that Sawyer just needs to get a little bigger. 

Seth and Sawyer

Rory and Sawyer

Sawyer and Aunt Rachael who actually have the same outfit (both from the Gap)

The boys doing play dough

Growing Older But Not Up

Sawyer is 2 months old! I can't believe that it has been 2 months already. He is 12lbs even so he's gained 4 pounds since birth. He has grown completely out of his newborn clothes and is now full in the 0-3 month size. He is smiling so much and loves it when Carey sticks his tongue out at him. He still loves the mobile and is starting to stretch out his sleeping and feedings. His hair is getting lighter and definitely has more red in it. He is starting to make more of Carey's expressions too. 
Here are some outtakes from the 2 month pictures (Sawyer was very wiggly):

You Spin Me Right Round

Sawyer is really developing his focusing skills. He LOVES the mobile that hangs above his crib. He is not sleeping in his crib yet but will lay in there while we fold clothes or work on something that requires two hands. For a long time he just watched the giraffe. But now he will follow each animal in succession. The first time we heard him laugh he was watching the mobile. He will also coo and "talk" to it often. Our only complaint is that it only runs for a few minutes so we have to constantly run in and turn it back on or it makes him mad. 

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

SNOW DAY! We had a cold snowy day two weeks ago. It was cold and rainy with flurries intermixed all day long. We snuggled on the couch and watched movies and I studied for a midterm but by late afternoon the snow was coming down a lot! We got an inch or so in less than 30 minutes. By the time we got our act together it was too dark for outside pictures but as soon as everyone was up Sunday morning we got dressed and went outside to document Sawyer's first snow day. This bear outfit was a hand-me-down from our friends the W's. Their son was born in June so he never wore it. Sawyer looked precious bundled up in it for our pictures. 

He didn't much like being outside. It was COLD and BRIGHT! Hopefully that trend won't continue. We want him to love the outdoors as much as we do!