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Be my Valentine

Our playgroup tries to get together for holiday crafting and goodies. We met for Valentine's on the 13th. Sawyer had a perfect onesie for the occasion that was passed down. We had a great time seeing everyone and letting the toddlers create crafts.
We had a new baby, Liam (on the right) visiting. He was fascinated with the younger ones. 
Big girls doing a chocolate picture

Yummy goodies

Sawyer being very active and happy playing on the floor

Usually I'm behind the camera. Sawyer likes it when you make faces at him.

Step by Step, Day by Day

So we are really behind on the blog already. I have wanted to do the series of pictures that track Sawyer's growth in the same way. I actually took this picture when he was one month (February 2) so even though it is almost 3 weeks late on posting this was him at one month. He was not a happy camper but we took it anyway.

At one month he is becoming much more alert and beginning to track things. He is starting to be more consistent with feeding and sleeping. He has a bunch of baby acne that comes and goes and still doesn't like to be naked. Needless to say, he's not getting that many baths. 

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Sawyer and Emmalyn holding hands

Sawyer had his first playdate on Monday! It really was a playdate for me, but it Sawyer appeared to have a good time too. We met at a local coffee shop that had a playspace for the toddlers. Our mom's group met to let the older girls get some energy out and check in on all the babies. The babies are 1, 3, 5, and 8 months and the toddlers are 2. It was mass chaos and lots of fun. It was so wonderful for me to have some adult conversation with someone other than Carey and it was really neat to see how alert and curious Sawyer was. He was checking out everything and everyone.
Janae' and Emmalyn
Jocelyn and Sasha
Karen and Clara
Greta and Sophie
The 4 newbies Sawyer (1 month), Emmalyn (3 months), Sasha (5 months), Davis (8 months)

Being Mr. Mom

Carey has definitely been helping around the house, which is great. However, it seems we have different ways of doing things. 

Doing the laundry
At least his feet are in focus (the photography will get better, I hope)

Still Holding On

We made some cookies to use up some egg yolks in the fridge

So now that Carey has gone back to work, I've been feeling the pressure to be productive. Sawyer's stomach troubles are still going on. They were getting better but I accidentally ate some soup with milk in it on Tuesday so things got worse again. When he isn't feeling good, he just wants to be held. So in order to get anything done I've been putting him in the moby wrap. He will usually settle down and go to sleep.

Sorry for the dirty dishes, just keeping it real.

Walk This Way

Asleep in the stroller, but still with his hands up, as usual

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday. Seventy degrees and sunny. Sawyer and I met up with a friend and her two kids to walk the greenway near our house. It was my first time exercising since Sawyer was born. It felt great to get out! Sawyer sleeps every time he's put into the car seat so he slept through most of the walk. He wrinkles his face when it's bright but he never woke up. My friend Karen's son fell asleep soon after we started but her daughter was awake and chatty for most of the walk. We hope to make it a weekly outing. 

Squinting against the brightness
Karen and her kids, Clara and Davis