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Fun, Fun, Fun

I apologize for the bad resolution of the pictures, but sometimes my phone is more handy than the camera. We've been working hard on tummy time and Sawyer's muscle control. He's been wiggling like crazy. Most days he only lasts 2-3 minutes on his belly but this particular day he was having a grand time. He's really holding his head up well!

All (S)He Wants to Do is Dance

Sawyer has shown an interest in music and dancing and gets really excited when one or the other is happening. Our friend Derrell (after whom Sawyer is named) was over the other night and they were dancing on the changing table. I only caught the tail end on video but the way he's laughing at the beginning of the video was the way he was squealing for a good 5 minutes. It was so cute to watch.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Sawyer has been doing so well with his head control lately. We got the bumbo out for the nanny to feed her baby in. I decided to try him in it. At first he was very confused and seemed to be supporting himself with his elbows. A few days later I added the tray and some toys and he went to town. 

We think he is teething and so everything he can goes in his mouth. He still doesn't have much grasping ability but this particular toy (the Squish) was pretty easy for him to drag over.

Splish, Splash, I Was Takin' a Bath

Sawyer got too big for the newborn sling in his baby bath tub and I removed it. Before that happened, baths were a rushed affair that only occurred when absolutely necessary. But once I took that off, he LOVES the bath. He gets so excited and kicks and splashes. We had to stop doing them at night because he was getting so riled up. It's so much more fun now and we have a great time with it. 

Travelin' Soldier

6 weeks down, 4 to go!
We've gotten more letters from Carey. Surprisingly he has been a good pen pal. He reports that he has been freezing his tail off and misses my cooking and Sawyer's smiles. I try to help with the smile bit by sending lots of photos but can't help with the cooking. I found two facebook pages with information on his until and found this photo in Delta Co's album. Apparently they are on a no pictures hold so this is from early-mid March, but there's our soldier! 
He is disappointed in the vigor of the Army PT. Apparently it used to be much more intense and has been scaled back. His crossfit training has set him up well but he reports that others in his unit have been struggling. 
They are almost through the white phase of training. The first was red and was mostly classroom with some physical team  building. The white phase has been a lot of shooting (which he loves) and some first aid. 
There is another website: that give…

Everything Grows

Sawyer is 3 months old! I can't believe we've become the people who talk about how fast time flies, but since Sawyer was born I feel like things are moving at warp speed! He is such a cute little thing. He has found his hands and has started kicking his feet a lot. He is getting really good head control. He likes to read books and loves anything that rattles. He prefers to be standing with someone holding him up and now likes to kick around on a blanket.