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Eyes Wide Open

Sawyer has been very alert and curious lately. He loves looking at faces, especially Carey's! He will just look at you for minutes at a time with his furrowed brow. 

We have also been spending more time playing. Sawyer likes playing on the activity mat. He doesn't care for tummy time yet but does like spending the time looking around.

Milk, It Does a Body Good...

...or not. Sawyer's disposition in the first two weeks was easy going. He really only cried when getting his diaper changed. This kid does not like to be naked for sure! However, in the past week and a half he's become increasingly fussy and gassy. We initially thought it was due to a shallow latch and he was getting too much air while breast feeding. After a desperate trip to a La Leche League meeting (which was amazingly helpful), we think we have that problem worked out. However, the fussy/gassy didn't go away. So we started going down a list. Currently all signs point to a sensitivity to some sort of food that I am eating. So we've started an elimination diet. I am currently off all dairy and coffee/caffeine. As cold as it's been, I am really missing my coffee/chai in the mornings and afternoons. But most studies show that milk/dairy is the biggest cause of sensitivities in breast milk and 1 in 3 "colicky babies" merely have a dairy sensitivity. So fa…

Don't Wake Me, I plan on sleeping in...

Sawyer is doing fairly well. He is starting to spend more time alert but he's still sleeping a lot. At least during the day. We are hoping to transfer that talent to the nights but as of yet he still does most of his sleeping during the day. Here are some pictures of all the places he sleeps.