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Six - Pack Summer

Oscar turned 6 weeks old yesterday. I feel like I am starting to get the hang of parenting two. Evenings are the hardest. Carey is working and to get dinner ready while juggling nursing and giving Sawyer enough attention takes some juggling. Last night we managed to get done with dinner early enough to take a walk. Sawyer was super excited and bounced all the way around the neighborhood. A friend joined us and we took advantage of the cool evening.

I managed to squeeze in a workout in the morning. My first time weight training in months. Not surprisingly, it was tough, and I am sore today. I've set up a workout plan through Nike Training Club which is a free app. It will hopefully keep me motivated. While I am only 12 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, my body composition is light years away from where I'd like it. Especially going into swimsuit season! Until I started back again, I didn't realize how much I need daily exercise. It has made me feel better and have mor…
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I Sure Can Smell The Rain

Today was one of those days where I had a huge to-do list and got nothing done. I wanted to get out on a walk with a friend, but we were foiled by the rain that started up around 10am. It wasn't supposed to start until afternoon and was only a 20% chance at best. Well it has been storming off an on all day. Oscar went almost three hours every feeding last night which was amazing! However, it resulted in him nursing almost constantly today. I made a list of ten things I wanted to accomplish this week and have yet to check a single thing off my list. My phone pinged while I was nursing (again) and reminded me that I had a quarterly call for a rating system that my work would like me to lead point on. Considering the SITES rating systems is the one that focuses on the landscape, it's the closest thing to my undergrad studies I've done since I moved back to Atlanta. So even though I am still on maternity leave it was important for me to sit in. Of course, my Mac was cranky ab…

Running on Empty

Here we are and I am already behind. So much for daily posting. At this point, I'll consider myself successful if this happens a few days a week. Friday and Saturday were busy days. I took the boys to the pool Friday evening and met up with a slew of neighbors. It really takes a village. Sawyer has been begging to go to the pool since February. I haven't taken him since it opened because I wasn't sure how I could handle a 4 year old and a 4 week old together. Especially when neither of them could swim. Going when all the other parents there allowed us to tag team. It was amazing. Then yesterday morning when Carey was off, we took both boys to the pool again. Oscar slept the whole time so Sawyer got the attention of both of us. The pool was deserted this time, so we had the full run (picture of the day). We spent yesterday afternoon at the farewell party for Sawyer's class. These kids have been together for years and many of them are going to do Pre-K at their home ele…

Back in the Saddle, Again

So I gave up on this blog thing long ago. I wasn't even sure that blogger still existed or that i'd find this page when putting in the web address. But here we are. A new friend in Atlanta has been posting daily on a family blog. I've enjoyed reading it and then read an article about how even just a few minutes of journaling a day can help lower stress. When I came to this page, I read things about our life 3 years ago that I didn't remember in the fuzzy haze of parenting, new jobs, interstate moves, and a second child. So I would like to start this again, not as a way to share our life with family far away, but as a way to help document this place and time. I still think that songs as post titles will be fun so I'm going to keep with that.

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Wow. 7 months is a long time. It's been 7 months since I've posted and Sawyer was 7 months old when I did. The 14 month old that currently resides in our home and hearts is a totally different being now. As are we. I've been absent from documenting his world for several reasons: 

Carey came home from his training in late August and there's been some adjustment in schedules and coordinationI entered the thesis phase of my Master's program and thus fell down a rabbit hole. The only reason I picked up my computer was for research or writing. I completed and defended my thesis which meant that I didn't touch my computer for almost six weeks. We were traveling 7 out of the 8 weekends around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sawyer went through a series of really tough colds (including a 4 day fever over 103).I recognized that I was suffering from postpartum depression (and had been for some time).We are starting to recover from all of these things and I am looking forward …

Seven Variations of a Theme

Happy Seven Months Sawyer!

Your hair is the most out of control it's been  You are crawling now with one knee up and you drag one leg behind you You're very chatty but it only sounds like "AAAAAAAAAH!" You still hate these pictures You chew on everything but your favorite thing is tags You like to crawl to something and attempt to stand up on it
We love you!

Here are some (very blurry and poorly exposed) outtakes:

Home Across the Blue Ridge Mountains

The last weekend in July, Sawyer and I went to visit some friends in Asheville. Our friend Adrienne and her son Kaori also came to join us. Greg and Mary have a beautiful home on the top of a mountain with a rocking chair front porch and views that make it hard to leave. Sawyer did great even with our busy schedule. There was an annual festival happening and we went downtown for some fun. There was lots of catching up, playing with the boys and porch sitting. It was a great trip.