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Twice the Speed of Life

This week has blown by. I made Carey go to Marietta Wednesday on his last day off to get me a new military ID. Mine was expired. Sawyer was just a little younger than Oscar when I got my last one and my hair was also in the same rough stage. I felt a sense of deja vu, like I was starting to repeat the last four years. Say it isn't so. :) My espresso machine has been broken since just before Oscar was born and the only place in Atlanta that I could find that was willing to see if they could repair it was also in Marietta so we dropped that off while we were there too. Then Carey and I went out to lunch. Lunch dates are a little different with a babe, but it was nice not to have Sawyer out with us too and worry about him. We picked Sawyer up early and took both boys to see Carey's grandparents. They hadn't met Oscar yet and as his middle name is after Carey's grandfather's, we thought it high time they meet. I hung out inside with Oscar and Grandad and Audrey and Carey took Sawyer fishing on the lake. They didn't catch anything, but came back happy. Carey's uncle came over to get his boat and showed Sawyer how to feed the geese. He let him play on the boat and on the old tractor. He thought it was great fun.

Yesterday, our friend Megan came down to visit. She's home for the summer and has been wonderful about making time for us. We played blocks and sand and had a great dinner. Megan is so great with both boys, it gave me some time to get somethings done and give them each some attention. 
Both boys are surprising me with their growth. Sawyer has been such a huge help with Oscar. We still have to remind him to be gentle with the baby, but he's so willing to get things and entertain him. Oscar has continued to stretch out his nights and is starting to get an evening routine down. Last night he slept from 9p until 5a!! I woke up and had no idea what time or what day it was. It was amazing. But even normally, he's doing about 9/10p until 3/4a. Sawyer didn't do that until 8 or 9 MONTHS. Let alone 11 weeks. Our friends the Masons came over and brought dinner this evening. Sawyer, DuBois, and Chloe spent a few hours running wild while Tamara and I caught up. Oscar went to sleep soon after Sawyer and I am hoping he'll sleep better than a baby tonight!


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Back in the Saddle, Again

So I gave up on this blog thing long ago. I wasn't even sure that blogger still existed or that i'd find this page when putting in the web address. But here we are. A new friend in Atlanta has been posting daily on a family blog. I've enjoyed reading it and then read an article about how even just a few minutes of journaling a day can help lower stress. When I came to this page, I read things about our life 3 years ago that I didn't remember in the fuzzy haze of parenting, new jobs, interstate moves, and a second child. So I would like to start this again, not as a way to share our life with family far away, but as a way to help document this place and time. I still think that songs as post titles will be fun so I'm going to keep with that.

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Clearly I am behind on the blog. We've been taking lots of pictures but with all the travel and school and increase in work, I haven't been able to take the time to do more posts. So there will be a bunch at once. Here are some pictures from our summer adventures. 

 We managed to spend some time with my sister's family this summer. They came to stay and I watched all three boys while my sister and sister-in-law went to a wedding. It was an adventure!

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We went to Atlanta over the Fourth of July break because Carey had a four day pass. We thought it would be a good time to start Sawyer on solid foods. He's been very interested in what others are eating for about a month now. He will follow my fork or spoon from the plate to my mouth and has tried to grab for it several times now. We decided to start him straight on vegetables as current wisdom is trending away from starting with rice cereal. Especially for breast fed babies. The night before we left I pureed some carrots and when Carey got to Atlanta he fed Sawyer while I took pictures. It was hysterical. Sawyer was SO excited, until he got the carrots in his mouth. Then he wasn't so sure. :)

He REALLY wanted the spoon and kept grabbing for it as it went towards his mouth. Clearly he ended up wearing more of it than he ate. But we kept trying.