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It's finally the weekend. Although these days, I think the weekends are as exhausting as the week days. I have both boys all day and we've somehow managed to pack the days full. Last night we were able to play outside for a little bit before dinner. Sawyer is getting pretty good with this toy that our friends the Flaggs gave us. I don't even know what it's called but you roll around on it. He really wanted to play yard hockey but Oscar wouldn't sleep or lay on a blanket, he just wanted to nurse and be held. Initially Sawyer did really well with the fact that the baby needed so much. I don't know if it is because Carey is gone or because it's been two months, but Sawyer seems to have less and less patience with me and Oscar. I have to keep reminding myself that he is four. And when you are tired, hungry, and four, patience is not a strong suit. Then again, when you are tired, hungry and thirty-four, patience isn't much of a strong suit either. :)

Oscar needed a diaper change so he and I came inside to take care of that. I left him on the floor on the changing pad while I washed my hands and turned around to this. He'd rolled over a couple of times already so we thought "oh wow. cool. it's a fluke." But now he's done it three more times between yesterday and today. The last time he did it, he got all the way over with both hands underneath and pushed up. Holy cow. Most baby books (websites) say that babies start rolling from tummy to back between 4 and 5 months, and roll from back to front between 5 and 6 months. My kid skipped the first one and is doing the second one at 8 weeks. Please tell me that this does not mean he is going to be a crib climber and walking at 8-9 months. And here I thought the second kid was gonna be the underachiever.

Megan came over to play this morning. I started babysitting for her and her sisters when she was 6 months old. She just completed her first year at Vanderbilt. It makes me feel incredibly old. But also so happy that we've managed to stay in touch this whole time. Her oldest sister is Kaitlyn, who came over earlier this week. I love that Sawyer will have all of these wonderful women in his life teaching him fun things. He and Megan made the Great Wall of China out of Oscar's wooden blocks and then broke it down multiple times with a bristle block axe while I fed Oscar and made a cake.

We have a playdate this afternoon and I volunteered to bring something. Of course, everything store bought has milk in it. So I made a texas sheet cake with soy milk and vegan butter (don't tell). Our hosts are going to order pizza. I didn't want to be difficult and mention the dairy issue, so I guess i'll bring something over for myself. I don't remember things being this complicated with Sawyer. Then again, with Carey gone so long then, I think I was basically a shut in. A friend mentioned that I seemed to be doing much better with Oscar than I did with Sawyer. I don't know if it's because I don't seem to have the issues with postpartum depression that I did the first go-round (at least not yet). Or if it's because we know what to watch out for and I have an amazing support system this time around that is continuing to check in and make sure that all is well. Whatever it is, I'm grateful.


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