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With a Little Help From My Friends

This week is only half over and has already been so wonderfully full. Last night a neighbor friend, Amy, came over after the boys were in bed and hung out until way too late. She kept saying she could go home and I was like "No! Stay and hang out." The adult conversation after being without it all day is so nice. This morning was a little rough but Oscar made it easier by sleeping in 3 hour stretches last night. It's amazing how your perspective changes as to what constitutes good sleep. 3 hours? Amazing. After getting Sawyer to school this morning, my friend Kaitlyn and her daughter Hadley came over to catch up and play. Hadley is two so she had a good time exploring all of Sawyer's toys. Conversations with a toddler around are always incredibly broken. But we managed to catch up on her life which was great. Oscar slept for a few hours after they left and I caught up on some work and emails. I'd managed to catch up on the 750+ emails in my work inbox last week and when I signed in today, I already had 70 new ones. No wonder I feel like I'm chained to my computer at work! In the afternoon our friends the Allens came over. Beau and Harper had a good time playing with Sawyer and meeting Oscar and Laurie and I got to catch up some now that she's not teaching in the summer. Sawyer and I spent a weekend in a N. GA mountain cabin with them in February and had a blast. Now we just have to figure out when we can go again. O was exhausted and is actually sleeping in the baby taco upstairs (it's 9:15pm) and I am about to tackle the laundry that didn't get folded yesterday. Both Sawyer and I are missing Carey a lot, but staying busy and having fun things to do has helped immensely.


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So I gave up on this blog thing long ago. I wasn't even sure that blogger still existed or that i'd find this page when putting in the web address. But here we are. A new friend in Atlanta has been posting daily on a family blog. I've enjoyed reading it and then read an article about how even just a few minutes of journaling a day can help lower stress. When I came to this page, I read things about our life 3 years ago that I didn't remember in the fuzzy haze of parenting, new jobs, interstate moves, and a second child. So I would like to start this again, not as a way to share our life with family far away, but as a way to help document this place and time. I still think that songs as post titles will be fun so I'm going to keep with that.

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Clearly I am behind on the blog. We've been taking lots of pictures but with all the travel and school and increase in work, I haven't been able to take the time to do more posts. So there will be a bunch at once. Here are some pictures from our summer adventures. 

 We managed to spend some time with my sister's family this summer. They came to stay and I watched all three boys while my sister and sister-in-law went to a wedding. It was an adventure!

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Carey came home from his training in late August and there's been some adjustment in schedules and coordinationI entered the thesis phase of my Master's program and thus fell down a rabbit hole. The only reason I picked up my computer was for research or writing. I completed and defended my thesis which meant that I didn't touch my computer for almost six weeks. We were traveling 7 out of the 8 weekends around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sawyer went through a series of really tough colds (including a 4 day fever over 103).I recognized that I was suffering from postpartum depression (and had been for some time).We are starting to recover from all of these things and I am looking forward …