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Party in the USA

It was a weekend full of parties. After the pool party Friday night, we spent Saturday relaxing and hanging around the house. There were many storms, and I was tired and just didn't feel like venturing out. Both Sawyer and Oscar were being cranky and Sawyer was being rather sassy. So I figured it best not to test my patience and go anywhere.

Sunday, however, we had two birthday parties. One was a "grown-up" birthday party for a neighbor. The do a birthday brunch every year. Sawyer had tons of fun playing with all the other kids and I got to catch up with some neighbors and friends. We came home for nap and then left right after for a birthday party of one of Sawyer's classmates. They had a bounce house, a slip n slide, and pizza. So in Sawyer's mind it was a great success! It's really funny because, until this year, he wouldn't go anywhere near a bounce house. But suddenly he is fine with them.

Sunday evening we got home and Carey was back! Earlier than we thought. Everyone was very excited. He's back on his regular police schedule so he's actually off for three days before returning to work. It's nice for him to get that break between "army work" and "police work", as Sawyer calls it. Yesterday we caught up on laundry and I actually got some work done for my office (I'm only sort of on maternity leave at this point). Then both boys wanted to go out for Mexican. Oscar is starting to get out of the "take him anywhere" stage but he did manage to stay somewhat happy until I got to eat. Mexican is never my choice now, because it isn't as good without cheese. But there's a place in Kirkwood that has some great flavorful options, that aren't fajitas, and I make do with those.


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