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Hold Me Now

Seems like I am always behind these days.  I think I am going to have to start posting these in the mornings. I thought that I would be able to do it in the evenings after Sawyer went to bed. That has been when I am getting the most things done. However, it appears that the evenings are going to be Oscar's worst times. He's tired but won't sleep and just wants to be held. I end up breaking out the pacifier or my finger to keep him calm. So then not much is getting done.

I'm going to catch up on a few days today and hopefully start being a little more regular. This week was insane. We closed on the refinance of our house on Tuesday. The developer we bought from said that the lot behind us was unbuildable. Now that there is a new developer in the neighborhood, they have a product that they want to fit on it. Since we have trees behind us on our lot that aren't in the fence, we want to get them in the fence and do some grading to make the space really usable. Wednesday I started back to work part time from home. I had 700+ emails to get through. Maternity leave has been great, but I am looking forward to having a measurable level of productivity.
Thursday I didn't work. I caught up with things around the house and then went to visit baby Jaxon and his moms. They live 3 doors down. L was due exactly 4 weeks after me, but since Oscar was early, the boys are about 6.5 weeks apart. We finally got to meet him (pic below). He was only a few ounces smaller than Oscar at birth, but Oscar has grown so much in the last few weeks that he looked like a giant baby compared to Jaxon. We are so excited about the baby boom in the neighborhood and I love the fact that our boys will grow up with a pack of kids around to play with. Plus the parents have been so wonderful about supporting each other. It really does take a village.


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