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Saturday Night

I'm thinking about going back and putting a line from the song that I've used in the blog title on each post to sum it all up. But then again, I might not. :)

Oscar doesn't follow normal sleeping patterns. Apparently he is not going to do anything like a normal baby. Although Sawyer didn't get on a regular sleeping schedule until he was 3-4 months old, he still had periods of being awake and periods of being asleep each day. Oscar doesn't do that. He has "awake days" and "asleep days". Saturday was an "awake day". He basically would fall asleep while nursing and then second I put him down would wake up and be ready to play or be held. He wouldn't sleep all day.

The parents of a classmate of Sawyer's invited us and two other families over for afternoon play and dinner. The kids played outside and in the hot tub (which was set to lukewarm). There, of course, was some issues between the kids regarding sharing and accidental hurting, but overall I think they had a good time. One of the other moms, I think, could tell that I was a little frazzled from O being awake all day. She held him for over an hour and then the other took over. It was great to hang out outside with Sawyer and chat with other grown ups (this appears to be my theme lately, I promise I do like my kids).

We ate too much and got home way too late (9:15!), but had a great time. Sawyer went right to sleep. O took a little longer but slept from 10:15 to 3:30, so I'll take it! We've had a slow morning and when Sawyer asked if we could go to someone's house this afternoon, I shot him down. It's nice to just have some down time. The plan is laundry, playtime, and packing for our upcoming trip this week.


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