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In the Army now

When Carey graduated from Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC, Sawyer and I drop down to see him. We were able to spend the day before graduation on post with him and then we stayed in a hotel that night and went back for graduation the next day. I didn't get too many pictures as we were trying to soak up as much time with Carey as possible. However a kind couple next to me held Sawyer while I got some pictures of the opening ceremony.

The soldiers were hiding out in the forest on the far side and all of the sudden there were several loud booms and smoke and they all came running over through the smoke.

After the opening ceremony they were released to the families. We spent the day seeing the base and spending time with Sawyer. 

We went to graduation and Derrell (Sawyer's namesake) met us there. He took over the photos while I fed Sawyer and held him. Carey received Soldier of the Cycle for his platoon which is a pretty big honor. We coul…

Strawberry Fields Forever

My sister Rachael requested some jam making lessons. I had a final exam to take. So I made her a deal. I would teach her how to make jam if she watched Sawyer while I took the exam. Their family moved to the Raleigh area last summer and we have been so blessed to see them much more. Sawyer's cousins have been excited to show him all the fun activities they do. We started our weekend with a trip to a local strawberry farm. Summer & I helped the boys pick and Rachael got some snuggles with a stuffy, congested Sawyer. 

Pre and post jam making

4 on the Floor

Happy Four Months Sawyer!

You are rolling over front to back and back to front now (although not consistently) Your smiles melt my heart.  You have gotten really chatty and some days you babble the entire time you are awake. Your favorite thing to do is stand up followed by put anything you can hold onto in your mouth. You had your 4 month check up and you are 15 lbs and 25 inches! We sometimes call you Donald Trump because your hair is so long on top and you've lost it everywhere else so it flops over like a toupee.  You've had your first cold and were the happiest sick baby I've ever seen! You are still waking up a lot at night but you've started to nap more consistently.  You like watching your doggies but don't like them to come too close. You still snuggle into my neck when you're extra tired at night. You drink 5.5oz of milk when you get a bottle. That's 2 more ounces than the last time your Daddy gave you a bottle!

Return to Sender

Due to the fact that Ft. Jackson sorts their mail by hand, we've been told to stop sending Carey mail by 05/01. This gives mail time to get to him. If it doesn't get there before he leaves for his next post, it will be returned to you. Once I have his address at the next post, I will post it and letters can resume. 

We were very lucky this week and heard from Carey twice! On one occasion Sawyer babbled the entire time we were on the phone. Carey was happy to be able to hear him "talk". See the instagram photo of him in the side bar. He is wearing the headphones so that he can hear us as all 60+ members of his platoon were using their phones at the same time. 
They are in the blue phase of training which is the final phase. They will have to pass a PT test this week in order to graduate and next week they will be doing their 3rd and final field training exercise known as Victory Forge. Carey pulled two muscles in his leg and is hoping that he will still be able to compl…