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Let the Circle Be Unbroken

This is Megan. 
15 years ago, in August of 1998, I started babysitting for her family. She was about 6 months old. A few weeks ago, Megan, now 15, along with her older sister Ashley, kept Sawyer (almost 6 months old) while I took a training class at UGA. It baffles me and warms my heart that this beautiful baby girl grew up to be a beautiful young woman who is now feeling the same thing about my baby boy that I did about her when I was 15. I feel as though I am a part of their family and the girls have been involved in every major event in my life. When Carey and I got engaged, their mom Lisa was the third person I called (after my mom and sister). We have celebrated weddings (mine), graduations ( me from high school and college, Kaitlyn from high school, and Ashley from high school), dance performances, countless game nights, deaths, and new life. They drove up to see me when Sawyer was 2 weeks old and helped me navigate the early fuzzy days of motherhood. I am so thankful that they a…

Home Grown

Happy 5 Months Sawyer!

You now sleep in your crib in your own room instead of the rocknplay (and I miss you!) You got to visit your Daddy and grinned every time you saw his face You wouldn't smile for this photo and furrowed your brow every time the shutter clicked You've started to track the dogs with your eyes and lean towards them You had another cold and did much better with this one You roll over from your back to your belly almost every time we set you down-but then you flail and get mad because you can't roll back the other way very well You are holding on to toys really well now You can touch your toes but aren't really into them yet All of your hair is gone except for the mohawk strip on the top that we fan out to look like the rest of your hair (your Daddy says it's a high and tight)